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“Sequential Core Alignment” An easy, step by step sequence applied by using muscle memory, and internal organs structural realignment applications. You will quickly begin to feel the core organs moving internally. This process never fails to amaze as it directs deep relaxation into structural muscles that keep the connective tissues, bones and joints in place. The best part is it’s all applied by yourself in 20 to 30 minutes anytime, anywhere you choose!


“Light Dynamics” Is the use of light wavelengths as low level laser and LED light. When used in specific placements on your body for 30 min to 1hour, a soothing, donating energy is felt.

This contributes powerful momentum to wellness in almost every area in your body. When used in combination with Sequential Core Alignment, a truly dynamic restoration of wellness is experienced right away!


How was this Course Designed?


Darrell has worked with lasers for the past 25 years. He integrated laser and light therapy for himself for various health & injury concerns. This led to designing & creating unique laser & light color therapies for specific healing approaches. His healing system has integrated sequences of laser light application on structural alignment and a wide variety of health issues. The results peoplehave received from the knowledge taught in this course range from pain and stress relief to absolutely Amazing life Transformations!