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Screws-for-hollow-doors-handles, the door handles on my doors are loose no matter how many times i tighten the screws they unscrew through use of the door handles. i have attempted to use plugs but because the door is hollow they just fall into the door itself :( any advice would be gratefully received as i dont know what else i can do.. Repairing loose door handles on hollow doors. many modern interior flush doors have a hollow core often consisting of little more than a honeycomb of corrugated cardboard to provide rigidity, and a thin plywood skin covered in a vinyl or foil decorative finish., thanks stoneyboy, my doors were indeed fitted by proffessionals. therefore there is no lock box. having tapped the door at either end i'm beginning to think that the doors may have been hung back-to-front and am contemplating filling in the door handle holes and re- hanging but if i can find an easier solution i'd prefer it..

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