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Roof-measurements-from-the-ground, how to accurately measure a roof from the ground. last updated: october 17, 2019 by gunnar bengtsson. what i’m about to share with you is one of the best kept secrets for measuring residential roofing jobs without your feet leaving the ground.. Measure a roof from the ground. take the following steps to measure your roof from the ground: determine your roof pitch ( see roofpitch) if you need help. make a outline of your roof on paper. go all the way around your house and fill in your outline with your measurements making sure to account for overhang., how to measure a roof and determine squares of materials. how to measure a roof? start by looking around and decide how to section the roof. (see plan below). the red dotted lines divide the sections. count how many sections you have. write this number down. start with the largest section..

Taking the roof measurements from the ground. this is also a simple way to find the size of your roof. if you do not prefer climbing the roof, then this is a more appropriate method to consider to get an accurate measurement of the roof. 1.get the length and width of the exterior walls of the building., how to easily measure and estimate your roof yes, becoming a professional roofing estimator / salesman could easily earn you well over $60,000.00 per year, with the right company. but, the main point of this diy guide is to show you why it is important that a man who measures your roof and gives you an estimate knows how to do it correctly.